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Lookout for these common signs of burnout:

1.Struggling with motivation at work

2. Decreased productivity at work

3. Feeling disillusioned at work

To find out more about how our workplace wellness program will help your company prevent burnout among your employees contact us at

Think Corporate Wellness can't make an impact on your employees and your business? Think again! Nurturing employee mental health and wellness has a significant impact on company culture, team building and productivity, which in turn has a direct impact on company profits. A review of 36 studies of corporate wellness programs conducted by Harvard Researchers found that for every dollar large employers spent on wellness programs, they saw company medical costs fall about $3.27.* However, an interesting benefit wasn't just the payoff in health, but the comparable payoff in productivity, where absenteeism-related costs fell about $2.73.* More than ever, employees need new tools to support their ability to manage and thrive given the modern-day stressors, ranging from hybrid work environments to the new technology driven economic climate that demands for new business solutions and increased efficiency. Instead of the common weight-loss focused wellness programs that often promote disordered eating, body dissatisfaction and lead to increased stress and anxiety, there is Optimal Life Science. We are a behavioral science driven corporate wellness consultation company that works to provide employees with value-based trainings for achievable improvements in mental health, energy and concentration using behavioral techniques and nutrition science. If you are interested in helping your employees reduce stress and increase employee engagement, thereby boosting productivity and company moral, contact us at

You might ask yourself, why does it matter if I feel anxious, or lonely or bored when I decide to eat? Well the reason might surprise you and here is why.

What you choose to eat and even how much you eat can be shaped by negative emotions as well as positive emotions. I have found that many people overeat and even binge when they are feeling lonely, anxious, sad and bored. When you decide to eat while experiencing one of these negative emotional states, your food choices will unconsciously become less healthy. You might also develop an unhealthy behavioral pattern of using food to soothe yourself whenever you happen to be feeling uncomfortable emotions. If you struggle with emotional eating make a conscious choice to take an inventory of how you are feeling before you open your fridge or cupboard and grad that snack or begin to make your meal.

This is the powerful moment where you can break an automatic behavior by consciously acknowledging how your feeling.

Stay tuned for more information on behavioral techniques to mindful eating and living a healthy lifestyle.

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