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Stress and coping with pandemic related isolation is likely impacting why and how much you are eating. Stress related eating has become a common coping mechanism for many. If you find yourself struggling with emotional eating, then you can benefit from signing up for our group live courses. Submit your inquiry about our Optimal Living group courses on our Contact Us page.

Our society is built around mantras that emphasize quantity over quality. These societal messages are shown to us every waking hour and propel our minds into craving "connection" through food. Either through the commercials in between our favorite shows, the magazine ads between the juicy article, or on billboards on our way back from work. In fact, we have romanticized food to such a degree that we have become disconnected from the purpose of feeding ourselves and instead have looked to the extremes of eating. These extremes are filled with emotions related to guilt that foster an unconscious tendency to engage in guilt-based behaviors, such as food binges.

On the other hand, the desire to “control” these societal image-based impulses to indulge can also manifest in an obsession with weight and dieting, which can lead to disordered eating habits and even bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa.

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