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Consultation Services

Real Estate Consultations 


Healthcare Real Estate

Where you open your facility, hospital, clinic or group practice has a direct impact on the success of your business and the community it serves.


Life Science Real Estate

If your organization is looking for a new development project or an all-inclusive life science lab space or shared suites support your R&D pipeline, contact us to discuss unique spaces in Massachusetts that can meet your needs. 


What makes us different?

Our market research and real estate support focuses on finding the optimal location and layout to bring convenience to your customers and employees. 


We know that finding the right location is an essential part of your business development plan. This is why we purposefully collaborate with associate brokers experienced in commercial real estate development projects. 

We work closely with our expert consultants on land use and development in the public sector to learn about the location of interest for our clients. 


Contact us today discuss our off-market and public real estate listing services.


Healthcare, Medical Device, Biopharmaceutical Business Development 


Business consultations for investors, medical providers and mental health professionals. We provide personalized business growth strategies to obtain new patients in the healthcare industry across various levels of care. Consultations services include:

  • Department of Public Health Clinic Licensing Consultation Package:

    • Consultations on required documentation for licensing of healthcare facilities

    • Consultations for mental health and addition outpatient, IOP, PHP facilities. 

  • Development of Healthcare Practices:

    • Documentation and EMR system integration for convenient and cost effective virtual and live service settings.

  • Consultations for Health Insurance Audit Support:

    • Documentation requirements to satisfy insurance audits and maintain credentialling from payors. 

  • Medical Writing and Publication Consultations:

    • Provide strategic initiatives to support Clinical Evaluation Plans (CEPs), Performance Evaluation Plans (PEPs), Post-market Clinical Follow-up Plans (PMCF Plans) and Clinical Evaluation Reports (CERs) writing, template development and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for legacy and product launch projects in medical device and biopharmaceutical sectors. ​


Employee Training


Our Credo is to be Healthy Together. Our goal is to bring better health to our communities through the business support we provide to the healthcare industry, as well as through employee seminars we provide companies.

Our employee seminars support companies looking to engage their teams' desire to optimize physical and mental health using the latest research-based data. Seminars teach employees how to better navigate stress, improve mood, and support overall health.


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