Become a Smart Consumer

We are constantly bombarded with campaigns for products, which more often than not serve company profits at the cost of our health.

However, we can learn how to become a smart consumer by implementing these 4 tips to becoming a smart consumer:

1. Don't fall for the sexy marketing ads.

2. Remember that the least expensive products tend to have a greater potential for toxic substances, so do your research before giving in to an impulse buy.

3. Research the toxic impact of the product you are considering. There are three types of toxins consumers should consider when reviewing a product:

~Chemical toxins-include both inorganic substances and organic compounds.

~Physical Toxicants-are substances that interfere with biological processes.

~Radiation-emission or transmission of energy in the form of waves or particles through space or through a material medium, which can have a toxic effect on many organisms.

4. Discover which companies that tend manufacture products that are free of toxins, so you can make shopping more efficient in future purchases.

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