Our virtual corporate wellness training seminars will teach your employees about the key nutrients to include in the diet for improved mental health and wellness. By learning how to apply the research-based techniques provided by our seminar, your employees will be able to better understand how nutrition impacts cognition, mental health as well as physical health.


Tips for Optimal Eating Habits

1. Select high-quality foods, void of pesticides, hormones, and food additives, which can impact your physical and mental health.


2. Eat balanced meals that contain sufficient fruits and/ or vegetables, which provide essential nutrients that help keep you satisfied and energetic. A balanced diet can improve your concentration, mood, energy, and sleep.   


3. Pay attention to your emotional state before you eat a meal or snack. Negative emotions like anxiety can increase stress hormones that make it hard for your body to feel full, thereby resulting in overeating. Using food as a way to self-soothe, such as when you're feeling down can create emotional eating patterns that often lead to weight gain. 


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