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Optimal Gardening

Why Should You Consider Gardening?


  • Growing your own food can support healthy eating habits

  • You will find there are emotional benefits from connecting with nature, whether its a potted tomato plant in your city apartment or a raised garden in your backyard.1 Go ahead and get your hands dirty.

  • You know what is in and on your produce, simply by growing it in organic soil that you can be sure hasn't been exposed to pesticides or herbicides. Pesticides and herbicides have been correlated with neurological disorders, cancers, and other diseases.2,3. If you want to learn more, use this site to research common pesticides:

  • If you are concerned about access to non-GMO produce and increasing food prices, then growing your own food can be a long term commitment that keeps you in control. If you are interested in learning more about the research on GMO the following link is suggested (warning it is a long read but thorough):

  • It will be an opportunity for your family to connect through this joint venture.

  • It will teach you the benefits of being patient since gardening takes time to produce a harvest.

  • Fresh foods taste better. Wait until you pick and taste your first one off the plant. You may never want to get it at a supermarket again.

  • For more information on organic, homemade, and agricultural alternatives see the published guide from Consumer Notice:

1. /,actually%20cause%20for%20celebration.%20...%20More%20items...%20



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