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We are a workplace wellness consultation company that provides mental health and wellness programs for companies and their employees.

Our virtual management and employee training seminars and support groups will build on your company's positive culture by supporting the

mental health and well-being of your employees.


Nicole Romano, BS, MA, LMHC




"My mission is that through our wellness groups and seminars your employees will learn the life skills and tools that can elevate their emotional and physical health. As an outcome you will benefit from being an employer who supports the mental health and wellness of your employees."

As a Wellness Consultant, with over a decade of work in clinical counseling, combined with being the founder and director of a mental health clinic in Massachusetts, I bring both a clinical and business background to the companies I consult for.

I have learned from listening to the needs of the teams I have helped build as the CEO and support as the national director.


Understanding the challenges companies face when creating new wellness policies is an important aspect that shapes how effective solutions are created.  Training management, HR staff as well as supporting employees through wellness trainings is how Optimal Life Science's Workplace Wellness program will effectively support the mental health needs of your employees and help your company thrive.

 In this era of virtual workforces, social distancing and changing employee needs, it is more important than ever that employees feel supported and employers acknowledge and act on integrating a culture of workplace wellness into the workplace.



Kim Kaloust
Owner /Operational Manager Mediweightloss

Working with Nicole and Corporate Workplace Wellness of Optimal Life science was a game changer for our practice and invaluable for our staff’s growth. Nicole’s team approach and insights to the importance of message consistency was the perfect solution to help empower our staff to insure great patient care. Her expertise in behavioral modification training, enable our practitioners to gain in depth knowledge into behavioral modification techniques .


Lisa Sarno
Senior Treatment Placement Specialist®
Acadia Healthcare

Having the opportunity as a behavioral healthcare professional to be part of Nicole’s "women’s health and wellness seminars” was one of the best choices I have made for myself in a very long time...perhaps decades. As a not so proud member of the diet culture from the  1960’s and 70”s, I learned I was not only mis-informed about all things nutritionally speaking, I had bought in to a culture I not only never questioned AND was extremely uncomfortable with and somewhat fearful of. I actually approached Nicole about the possibility of facilitating such a group. She put together an outstanding curriculum for us. We had a blast ,laughed a lot and learned a lot.


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